Former Criminal Tells His Tale of Redemption

Former Criminal Tells His Tale of Redemption

A criminal can reform. This personal chapter is proof.


Fulfilling his purpose in life

Sometimes when we tackle the worthwhile task of recording our personal histories we encounter an epiphany. We suddenly realize that our lives have mattered. We actually discover we have fulfilled our divine purpose.

Sean Sa Storm knows that now. He wrote his autobiography as both a cautionary tale and as proof that anyone can rise above horrible circumstances. Even criminals can become successful.

He needed gas money

Motivated by the need to get gasoline money so he could date, Sean got an early start in his life as a criminal. Eventually, he became a gifted safecracker, thanks to a special welder’s tool called a burning bar. He details just how all that came about in his autobiography. His intense drive grew out of dysfunctional, emotionally abusive, and neglectful parents and a poverty-filled early life in Kansas City. It’s all in his book, “Burning Bar: Confessions of a Reformed Professional Safecracker,” now available on Amazon.

He needed a diploma

Sean Sa Storm just missed graduating from high school by a few days due to an argument with a teacher. All he wanted was a white-collar job as an appliance salesman at Montgomery Wards. But the only job he could get was on the loading dock of the department store. That job lasted one day. He eventually became a truck driver. When a friend showed him how to use a pry bar to open coin boxes, Sean launched his criminal career. He graduated to safe cracking, spurred on by a strong intellect and an almost superhuman motivation to gain financial security.

A story of redemption and purpose

In Burning Bar, readers will find a story of redemption. A man who served time in federal prisons learned how to become a model prisoner who taught others to get their GEDs, then landed a work release program that taught him how to be a hairdresser. Once he left prison, his luck, charm, and ambition led him to own his own business and become a leader in his industry. He is now a millionaire who has hired former convicts in order to give them a chance to reform their lives.

Despite a recognition of the many mistakes and wrong turns he took in life, Sean Sa Storm offers proof that good can result from tough lessons. A life that got a bad start and seemed doomed can become an example of hope for others.

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