Book Birthing Step One

Manuscript Reading

We’ll start by reading your manuscript and evaluating the potential for your book. We’ll also have a conference with you by phone or Zoom to determine your goals and unique situation.  We’ll provide you with a written report that assesses the state of your manuscript and whether it needs to be fleshed out or revised before going to the next step.

Submit Your Manuscript

Book Birthing Step Two

The Contract

If the author and Personal Chapters Publishing decide to proceed with a book, a contract will be issued for both parties to sign. That contract will spell out the expectations, deadlines and details of the publishing processm as well as the projected fees.

Book Birthing Step Three


Once a contract is signed, we’ll begin the editing process, unless that has already been done by someone else. Suggested corrections will be emailed to the author for revision and a final file is returned to the publisher.

Book Birthing Step 4


At this point, the publisher will begin formatting the book, designing a cover, registering a Library of Congress control number and an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), then get it ready to upload to a print-on-demand printer, either Kindle Direct Printing or IngramSpark. The publisher will assist the author in setting up their own account so that royalties paid on sales of the book will be deposited directly into the author’s bank account each month.

Book Birthing Step Five

Proof Review

The book files will be uploaded by the Publisher to the printer and a proof copy ordered for final examination. Once the author and publisher have reviewed the proof and revisions are made, the book is ready to be printed.

Book Birthing Step 6


The author may request a marketing package that could include a book launch, news releases and other marketing materials designed specifically for the author client.

The Fees For Publishing

The fees for publishing a book with Personal Chapters Publishing depend on the author. Each project is unique. But expect to spend between $750 to $1500 for all of the services involved in getting your book in print. For further information about our general pricing please contact us. In order to generate specific pricing you must submit your manuscript for reading so we can determine the scope of work required to publish your book.