Cheri Battrick

Cheri Battrick likens herself (in some respects) to Isaac Asimov in that she is usually working on several book manuscripts at once. Since resigning from her lifelong career doing high-level administrative work, she has been focusing more on her writing.

Cheri is one who believes that living life is what allows us all to have meaningful stories and experiences to share. Her own life experiences, including being an advocate and public educator on the topics of domestic violence and poverty, valuing the cultivation of deep connection to God, and researching family history, find their way into her writing and storytelling.

Cheri’s writing career began with finding ways to work writing into her admin jobs, and then working with Anne (Tezon) Spry at a hometown newspaper in northwest Missouri. She later assisted her grandfather with his memoir, Harold’s Memories 1921-2012 which was initially published just for family (now available on Amazon). She considers her first official “book appearance" to be an essay in Ganel-Lyn Condie’s I Can Forgive with God. 

Most recently, Cheri and Anne Spry completed the first of several Writing to Heal masterclasses titled Journaling with Jesus: Writing to Heal from Trauma, which draws on their experiences with life, advocacy, spirituality, and most of all, with Jesus.

When Cheri is not immersed “in the zone” of writing, she is often found speaking on the topics of how to craft a compelling personal history (book in progress), thriving through revelation (another future book), abundant living and emergency preparedness (yet another book to come) and sharing her stories in personal settings. She serves as the the Creative Director for Personal Chapters, the director of The Zion Story (a history project for her church), and. the historian for the Port St. Louis camp of Daughters of Utah Pioneers. She loves to sew, garden, minister to those in need, and spend time with family and close friends. 

Cheri and her husband, Craig live in Independence, Missouri.  They have 3 children and 19 grandchildren.

Cheri's Website

Cheri's Journey With Personal Chapters

Cheri's journey with Personal Chapters began well before the company was formed. It jelled during a visit with Anne Spry (Tezon at the time) when the two collaborated on a line of memoir products. Cheri is now our creative director and continues to collaborate and ride the swells of all the company's transitions and progress. She was the page designer for Finally Noticing: Photos and Poetry Prompted by a Pandemic by Anne Spry. Cheri's latest Personal Chapters project was a co-authorship of the Journaling with Jesus: Writing to Heal from Trauma Masterclass.