Debra Lynn

Debra Lynn is a professional singer with a BA in voice performance and is a Direct-Line Scholar of Bel Canto. She had already authored The Bel Canto Buzz when she came to Personal Chapters to publish Divine Mirror as the saga of her personal journey from dysfunction to healing...all through the unraveling of a mystery found under the layers of a painting.

Most of the time, Debra is sponsoring singing workshops, coaching competitive barbershop singers and serving as an international faculty member for Sweet Adelines International. Her book publishing is the icing on an already amazing career.

Debra Lynn's Website

Debra Lynn's Journey With Personal Chapters

Debra Lynn captured the fascinated attention of Personal Chapters' founder Anne Spry during two singing workshops. Especially when she shared with Anne a project she was writing about that focused on a mysterious painting her father had given her. It was just one of life's serendipities and their shared love for spirituality and metaphysics that caused a new collaboration that resulted in Divine Mirror. The book and personal connection is something that Spry values and takes special pride in. Personal Chapters helped Debra Lynn realize her dreams of publishing and finding her writing voice in a personal memoir and Debra Lynn taught Spry how to find her singing voice and improve it. It was a win-win for both.