Erika Smiley

Erika Smiley, hailing from a humble blue-collar family, has always been accustomed to being in the middle of the pack, rarely seeking the limelight. Her story is a refreshing departure from the conventional narratives of athletic prowess, showcasing the extraordinary strength that resides within the ordinary.

Overcoming the deep-seated anxieties and fears that had defined much of her life, Erika's journey to conquer the ocean and complete an Ironman triathlon is an extraordinary testament to the triumph of sheer determination and self-belief. In Next Buoy, Erika bares her soul, sharing the raw and honest account of a life marked by anxiety and self-doubt, all while imparting invaluable lessons on how to confront these fears head-on. Erika's narrative is an empowering guide for anyone who has ever felt like they were merely part of thecrowd, inspiring them to seize their potential, step out of their comfort zone, and livetheir best life, regardless of their background or starting point.

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Erika's Journey With Personal Chapters

Erika Smiley is a good friend of a longtime Personal Chapters author, Jennifer Robinson. When Jennifer discovered Erika had a book to publish on her amazing Ironman journey, she introduced us via email. And because Erika had already been attempting to upload her story as an eBook and was running into obstacles, she let Personal Chapters Publishing run with both the eBook and print book of Next Buoy. After a few weeks of edits and final formatting, Erika's legacy was ready for prime time. We feel it such a privilege to have helped her birth this book full of inspiration and advice for anyone who is attempting to try something challenging.