Gary Jenkins

Gary Jenkins produces documentary films about historical events in the Midwest. He came to this occupation after serving 25 years with the Kansas City Police Department and practicing law for ten years. Gary's films include The Westport Free Health Clinic, Negroes to HIre: Slave Life and Culture on Antebellum Missouri Farms, Freedom Seekers: Stories from the Western Underground Railroad and Gangland Wire. Gary also produces a true crime podcast called Gangland Wire Crime Stories.

Gary's Website

Gary's Journey With Personal Chapters

Gary Jenkins and Personal Chapters Publishing go way back to the early days of print-on-demand book publishing. Gary really just wanted to concentrate on his film projects then but needed a little help on finessing an e-book about John Brown and the Underground Railroad in Kansas.

Once done with that, Gary was ready to publish a book about his days as a police detective doing wiretaps of Kansas City mob members. His history book about another episode in Kansas Underground Railroad history, The Immortal 10, followed quickly.

These days Gary is enjoying his retirement but is totally focused and living a purposeful life with his true crime podcasts.