Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson survived cancer and Chronic Lyme Disease thanks to family, #TeamJennifer, a boy named Sean and the whispers of the universe. Now she is a JOY warrior.

Robinson received some lifetime advice: Imagine yourself surrounded by red balloons to keep out the craziness of the world. That helped when she spent years trying to find the root cause of the illness that was threatening to kill illness that is reaching epidemic proportions in the U. that can be extremely challenging to diagnose and nearly as impossible to get health insurance to cover.

Jennifer survived Chronic Lyme Disease and wrote her first book about that battle. During that trial, a special needs student gave her motivation and a new direction in life. She decided to become an educator to help other students like Sean.

Enter the Covid pandemic, just when Jennifer had decided to become a student again. Her individual and her family's struggles mirrored the things the entire world faced in this new reality. She learned to put on what she called her Warrior Suit and learn and adapt. She wrote about that journey in Warrior Strong.

In May of 2023 Jennifer Robinson graduated from K-State with a degree in education. Knowing Jennifer, she'll be writing another book about her new career

Jennifer's Journey With Personal Chapters

Jennifer Robinson discovered Personal Chapters Publishing through another author client and met with Anne when Personal Chapters was still operating out of its Kansas City office. Robinson's enthusiasm for living life out loud and full of love was so contagious it was easy and enjoyable to help her achieve her dreams of birthing a book.

When Jennifer Robinson has something important to share with the world, she writes a book to help others. The pandemic hit her especially hard and at the same time that her husband had a health scare that could have been life-altering. But Jennifer put on her warrior suit and powered through all the disruptions and wrote Warrior Strong. It details her pandemic challenges and her activism on her own street corner to improve dialogue on racial issues.