Kathryn Toure

Kathryn Toure conducted oral history/herstory work for Empower Missouri. Clay County African American Legacy recognized her work with students: “Do You Know This Missouri History?” She graduated from the Universities of Kansas and Montreal, and lives and works in East and West Africa.

Kathryn's Journey With Personal Chapters

Kathryn Toure met Personal Chapters Publishing's Anne Spry at one of the company's book launches in 2016. She held onto Anne's contact information and as soon as she began collaborating with an illustrator, Celeste Wamiru, on a graphic novel about Kathryn's mother, they connected again.

The book, Mary on the Move, is one of Personal Chapters Publishing's most unique products and one that Kathryn is certainly proud of. Her mother has since passed away and the book is a treasured keepsake for the entire family. And Anne and Kathryn have stayed in touch and enjoy getting together whenever Toure comes back to the States from her home in Africa.