Lila Bartel

Lila Bartel is a freelance painter and illustrator who lives in Topeka, Kansas. Her book, What Was God Thinking, was dedicated to all the students she had in 47 years of teaching English, Social Studies and Gifted Education in public schools. She and her husband John have raised 2.5 children who each have their own sense of wonder as depicted in Lila's book, and who take their turns at talking back.

Lila's Journey With Personal Chapters

Personal Chapters' Anne Spry first met Lila Bartel at a holiday gift mart where Spry was selling memoir products. After discovering Lila's talent for watercolor painting, Spry urged her to consider doing a collection of the paintings in a book.

Lila did one better. She gathered many her paintings into a children's book.

Bartel also collaborated with another Personal Chapters author, Kimberly Stringer, to illustrate a precious book called Loving Lauren. Lila has also joined forces with Kansas Author Duane Johnson to illustrate a book of poetry.