Betty Swisher

Betty Swisher grew up in the Depression and had a few tough breaks in her family life. But she eventually came to live an almost charmed life. She and husband Chuck met in high school in Minneapolis and after marrying, the couple eventually moved to Kansas City with their two young sons. Betty flourished there and undertook many creative pursuits, from painting to piano playing to dancing and writing. She is dedicated to preserving her family and personal stories in the precious keepsake books she has published with Personal Chapters Publishing.


Betty's Journey with Personal Chapters

Betty Swisher's first book published with Personal Chapters launched in 2019. She quickly discovered the excitement of seeing the results of a finished book after the efforts of her hard work in writing, gathering family photos and putting it all together in a logical order.

She derived so much satisfaction in the process that she quickly followed the first general memoir with a subsequent book about her beloved brother Gerald, then compiled a little book that is a collection of essays, poems and letters to the editor that have appeared in the Kansas City Star. Next, she turned to the holiday letters she sent out each year to friends and family in producing Christmas Blessings in a small 5 x 7 booklet that's full of family history and Betty's wit.

Betty is set to launch her fifth book shortly. It is a compilation of memories and photos of her father.