Kimberly Stringer

Author and illustrator Kimberly Stringer has been an early childhood educator for more than 35 years. She has a strong belief that children need to be outside, so she has specialized in an outdoor curriculum for the private schools she has operated in Wichita, KS. Before the pandemic, she operated Kreative Kids, a pre-school, out of her home but has since opened her private operation to ages three through grade five in a recently purchased building.

Kim has always been creative in her use of books and storytelling and loves to feature her own students in her books. As long as she has students, she will never run out of books or storytelling ideas to share with them and the world.

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Kim's Journey With Personal Chapters

Kim's work with Personal Chapters Publishing began in 2018 with the publication of Loving Lauren. Several books have followed, many of them that Kim illustrated herself.

When it's time for another book project, Kim packages the original illustrations and text and puts them in the mail to Personal Chapters' office in Wakarusa, KS. In a few months, she is able to start using the latest book in her classrooms. Someday soon, Kim and Anne hope to make in-person connections, since they do live in the same state about three hours apart. For now, this author and her publisher are intensely focused on their busy, purposeful lives.