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Kimberly L. Swisher

Loving Lauren

Loving Lauren

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t may seem that children born with severe physical handicaps cannot learn and grow like others. Little Lauren proved that misconception wrong. Especially the day she took a field trip with her schoolmates to the fair. Even though she was confined to a wheelchair and could not talk like other children, she conveyed her love for others through her smile and her bright, enthusiastic eyes. She was a little anxious the day her teacher rolled Lauren's wheelchair on the bus for the trip to the fair. There was so much noise and excited laughter coming from the other children on the bus. But the bus driver, another one of Lauren's many fans, comforted her. Once at the fair, Lauren's smile and excitement somehow drew the attention and affection of a special new friend. Everyone surrounding Lauren somehow picked up on the wonderful theme of her young life. 

This little book is the product of the teacher who took Lauren to the fair, Kimberly Stringer. Kimberly collaborated with another longtime educator, Lila Bartel, who also happens to be a watercolor artist.

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