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Kim Luke

Dawn of the Defender

Dawn of the Defender

In a Kansas City hospital room Quinn Clarke awakens from a coma into a nightmare. Alec, her fiancé, is dead. They had fallen from a cliff and his crushed body likely saved her life. Shocked and consumed with grief, Quinn must face difficult questioning by detectives about that day. The trauma from the fall has damaged and distorted her memory, but did she hear Alec call her name before she was pushed over the edge?

Quinn retreats to sleepy White Oak, Missouri nestled among the tree covered river bluffs of the Mighty Mo to heal her fractured body and rebuild her life. She purchases a book store on the historic Main Street lined with artisan shops, bakeries, wineries, and the beloved Mocha Joe’s Coffee Shop. The warm and welcoming town’s people would never suspect what she’s running from.

When a sudden death shatters this peaceful facade, Quinn can no longer escape the darkness in her shadow. Now Birds are falling from the sky, relentless rains flood the streets and fear spreads like the howling wind. Is she the reason White Oak is in peril? Why is this supernatural evil pursuing her? Could the truth of her forgotten past stop the rising tide of darkness?

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